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Hodgkinson Design

A large listed flat in an elegant London terrace. The key element is a courtyard around which the flat opens-up, providing light onto the main spaces. Designed to create a peaceful and private environment for a couple, we used polished concrete floors, oak slats, exposed steel columns and brick walls, and marble-clad bathrooms. By incorporating industrial references, the flat exudes urban modernity.


Importantly no extra space was gained in this project and yet through a rearrangement of rooms, storage and circulation, the space available is greatly improved. Vistas through the flat connect rooms and the external courtyard, beckoning the eye beyond the present room.


Being a listed property, there was a requirement to keep a curved wall in the hallway, and we responded by creating a curved bookcase. The shelving is constructed from a cantilevered steel frame with oak cladding; elegant curves create soft dynamism in a corridor space.

Marylebone Flat Hodgkinson Design Architects and Interior design, London United Kingdom
“The end result is a space that is luxurious yet unpretentious and filled with stunning details. We highly recommend Hodgkinson Design and are truly thankful for the partnership over the years and for designing this stunning space for us. ”

Photography by Tom St. Aubyn

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