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Hodgkinson Design

Designing based on context

Andrew Hodgkinson of Hodgkinson Design embraces designing based on context rather than adhering to a signature style, emphasising the creation of distinctive spaces.


Prior to now specialising predominantly in residential projects, Andrew Hodgkinson worked in designing retail and leisure spaces including Space NK, 5th floor at Harvey Nichols, French Connection, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more. He set up his own practice, ‘Hodgkinson Design’ almost 30 years ago. Despite this Andrew Hodgkinson has consistently avoided the notion of conforming to a signature style. Rather than imposing a predetermined aesthetic, he draws inspiration directly from each project. He believes that each project should be approached uniquely and respond to the needs of the client.


Hodgkinson Designs is an innovative interior and architecture studio renowned for their transformative projects that centre around the interplay of light and space. With a keen focus on creating environments where people can thrive, their designs prioritise the integration of natural light and the optimisation of spatial configurations to foster a sense of well-being. This philosophy draws inspiration from various architectural and design movements, such as modernism, biophilic design, and minimalist design, to create environments that foster well-being. Each project is meticulously crafted to encourage interaction and functionality, recognising the profound impact of our surroundings on our daily lives. Hodgkinson Designs' spaces are not merely aesthetic; they are thoughtfully engineered to promote health and harmony, inviting occupants to engage with their environment in meaningful ways.


Andrew moved from a Notting Hill terrace house to a classic double-fronted and detached Victorian house in west London. Originally in poor condition, the interior was gutted to start afresh. Natural materials such as wooden floors and light walls are used throughout emphasising his families Scandinavian roots. This project is a perfect example how balance a neutral pallet whilst maximising the capture of natural light throughout.

Looking at project in Marylebone, a basement flat, space design became fundamental elements of the project we had to work with. Here we utilised the long corridor into a stylish dining space and library whilst surrounding the project’s principle rooms around the courtyard.

Using the philosophy of looking through spaces we incorporated a modern contemporary approach to create this urban New York loft style apartment. This included using industrial steel columns and beams, exposed brickwork whilst creating a polished concert floor tiling.

Hodgkinson Design customises its approach for each project, considering the unique needs, desires, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle for our clients. Each project is both carefully designed and thoughtfully engineered considering each individual client without restricting our designs to a signature style. As we believe ‘one style or approach does not suit all’.

Through strategic manipulation of natural light, thoughtful colour schemes, incorporation of natural materials, and an emphasis on open and inviting spaces, Hodgkinson Design tries to reshape the way we experience our living environments. By understanding the profound impact of design on well-being, Hodgkinson Design is not merely creating buildings; they are crafting spaces that contribute positively to their clients.


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