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Hodgkinson Design

Client Testimonial

'We highly recommend Hodgkinson Design and are truly thankful for the partnership over the years and for designing this stunning space for us.'

We appointed Hodgkinson Design for the remodelling and complete refurbishing of our apartment in Marylebone, Central London. Andrew Hodgkinson and his associate Chris Pring were intially referred to us by friends.

The team at Hodgkinson Design have the perfect blend of skills and knowledge from design to structural engineering to low level construction details. They have been able to advise us throughout the refurbishing process with accurate and precise information on every step. To give a sense of the scope of the project, all aspects of the property were redesigned including demolition of walls, change of footprint, re-wiring, new plumbing, underfloor heating, courtyard redesign, new kitchen, new bathrooms etc.

Our property is part of a Grade II Listed Conservation area. Andrew and Chris had full knowledge and experience of the handling of the planning permissions and necessary historic statements that were required to complete the work. Their knowledge in this area was invaluable and the approval process was seamless thanks to their expertise. We spent many hours with Andrew and Chris to plan the new footprint of the property and how best to utilise the space. They displayed a lot of creative thinking and came up with ideas that made a tremendous difference to the end result. We worked in true partnership over the 2 years that constituted the planning and the execution of our project. The appointing of the contractor that worked on our property was done following onsite visits and a very thorough tender process. The information was presented by Andrew and Chris to us with clear recommendations. The selection process was done with quality in mind, not purely on drivers such as costs. We always felt that Andrew and Chris were making the right choice for us and were able to clearly substantiate their choices on all matters. Consequently, when demolition and construction started, we were able to enjoy the process of seeing our home transforming without the stress of the unknown. It became a very enjoyable experience for us to be part of this process. With regards to interior design, we cannot praise Andrew enough. We worked in true collaboration until we settled on the theme that we truly loved. We mentioned to Andrew that we wanted the space to be inspired by an urban loft. Andrew managed to design a space that not only reflected the ambition but surpassed it. The use of materials such as steel beams, oak, concrete flooring has created a space with a strong identity yet utter warmth and comfort. Andrew has an incredible eye for details, colours, materials, fixtures, furnishings and space arrangement. The end result is a space that is luxurious yet unpretentious and filled with stunning details. We highly recommend Hodgkinson Design and are truly thankful for the partnership over the years and for designing this stunning space for us.


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