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Hodgkinson Design

Art in the Home

Completing a project can include curating objects and artwork for a space, to create scale, mood and stimulus. Contemporary art befitting of contemporary interiors. It is exciting when high-quality art is incorporated into our projects, and we believe it helps to complete a space. Maintaining communications with galleries allows us to know which artists are producing work and who is someone to watch.

A few of our recent projects have asked for artwork in the finishing stages and it has been wonderful to use sculptures by Luke Fuller (recent RCA graduate) and Naomi McIntosh (CSM graduate). The galleries that publicised their work were Sarah Myerscough Gallery for Luke Fuller and Ruup & Form exhibiting Naomi’s work at this year’s Collect Craft Fair.

Luke’s stoneware is bolstered with constricted dynamism, twisting hefty forms that seem to have risen from the ground.

Naomi’s timber installation hums in the air like abstract calligraphy, and when placed against a wall the linear forms appear in silhouette creating a double rhythm.

One exudes lightness, the other is grounded, and both are exceptional pieces of art.

Ecopoiesis I & II

Stoneware and Porcelain

Artist: Luke Fuller

Gallery: Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Ecopoiesis II

Ecopoiesis I. Photography by Michael Harvey, courtesy of the artist and Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Evanescent – To Vanish like Vapour, 2021

Beech wood, laser cut

Naomi Mcintosh

Gallery: Ruup & Form

Photography by Jonathan Addie, courtesy of the artist and Ruup & Form Gallery.

Hung against a wall the shadows perform and accentuate the rippled forms.


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